Warm welcome to professional daily training at Sand Dansstudio

An intimate setting to train, get inspired, dive into practices and exchange in Aspudden. Anna Grip, Linda Blomqvist, Nefeli Oikonomou, Sebastian Lingserius and Yari Stilo give classes for five weeks, each one day a week, during 5 weeks (weeks 15 to 19).

The classes are aimed for professionals within the fields of dance, choreography, performance art and related fields.

Participants can train

horizontally: once a week with the same teacher

Or parallel: 5 days a week with different teacher each day

Or diagonally: mix amount of days and teachers

Or all classes: follow the whole 5 week program with all five teachers.

With support from Kulturrådet, The Swedish Arts Council


Hours for daily training: 09:30-11:00

Week 15-19 (except Wednesdays 1/5 and 8/5)

Linda Blomqvist: Mondays 8/4,15/4, 22/4, 29/4, 6/5

Yari Stilo: Tuesdays 9/4, 16/4, 23/4, 30/4, 7/5

Anna Grip: Wednesdays 10/4, 17/4, 24/4

Nefeli Oikonomou: Thursdays 11/4, 18/4, 25/4, 2/5, 9/5

Sebastian Lingserius: Fridays 12/4, 19/4, 26/4, 3/5, 10/5


Sand Dansstudio, Hägerstenvägen 149, Aspudden, metro: Aspudden


Obs! Please note that the studio has limited capacity for number of participants, so in order to partake, email in advance at:


Please include ‘daily training’ as subject in your mail and the dates you want to train in order to receive confirmation for your participation.There are max 6 participants per class.


50 kr per class

150 kr for a whole week, or for five classes

250 kr for two weeks, or for ten classes

500 kr for all five weeks, a total of 23 classes

Payment happens through swish before class.

Class descriptions and bios

Anna Grip - Class description:

..And then what...

The purpose of the class is to work with initiation and response to activate a specific machinery. The class is based on themes such as falling, pushing, and wiring, as well as the question ... and then what....

The class starts lying on the floor and is sometimes followed by exercises towards the wall. The floor and the wall becomes collaborators during the first part of the class and are used to practice the principles above.


Anna Grip works with teaching and coaching for various organizations and she has previously worked as a rehearsal director, ballet master, artistic director, and teacher at several dance companies and educational institutions. Since 2014, she has been working with ccap under the direction of Cristina Caprioli. Together with ccap, she is also currently working with HALLEN in the Farsta district of Stockholm, a public space for social interactions through art.

Linda Blomqvist - Class description:

Dancing with pleasure and precision.

This class focuses on and combines technical exercises that explore alignment, balance, momentum, weight, strength and agility with improvisational tasks that encourages us to be receptive, open and to attune with each other, oneself and the space we inhabit.

We will play and move between form and improvisation – enhancing our physical, intuitive and emotional intelligence. We will strive to do this from a place of togetherness, respect and critical thinking, with a starting point from our own very specific abilities and resources. Not striving to fit a mold but to explore the vast potential that each and one of us has.This class is meant to prepare you for the day - however it may unfold. And hopefully also inform and inspire new ventures.


Linda Blomqvist (b. 1985) is based in Stockholm. Her practice oscillates between dance, choreography, performance, curation, text production, publication and teaching. The work aims to expand the notion of choreography with a focus on alternative modes of production, process and practice from a speculative viewpoint taking various forms and expressions. Linda studied dance at The Royal Swedish Ballet School 1995-2004 and at P.A.R.T.S 2008-2010. She’s been working with artists such as Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Mårten Spångberg, Florentina Holtzinger and Philip Berlin to name a few. Linda initiated and ran Indigo Dance – a platform for dance practitioners together with Emma Daniel, Anna Gaiotti and Adriano Wilfert Jensen between 2013-2016.

Nefeli Oikonomou - Class description:

In these classes we will integrate ideas of amplification/rest/re-organisation to activate common experiences in space. By using images of floating, twisting, glitching and rolling we will create a soft space and explore potentialities of movement. We will use voice, observation and exchange as companions to dive deeper in our dance. Furthermore, oscillation and analysis as tools to extend further our personal practices and prepare for the day.


Nefeli Oikonomou (Undine) is a dancer, choreographer, dance pedagogue, performance artist from Greece, based in Sweden. Her artistic work is characterised by a philosophical approach to dance, performance, and choreography, and a strive to find them in unusual places, contexts, and bodies. Nefeli graduated in Dance in Athens (MoC), Design in Siros (UoA), Master's degree in choreography at DOCH, and the interdisciplinary course Organizing Discourse at Konstfack University. She has produced various works, such as Weavers, Punks Not Dead, The Art of Laboring, Rhymes of Pleasure, CFT with performances in theaters both locally and internationally. She recently curated the Festival In an act of weaving, which began with dance performances, installations, video works, workshops, and choreographic interventions, continuing with Podcasts and a book publication. This is the 3rd festival she has curated (Pracrising Transitions Festival (2016) at Wip Konsthall, Rhymes minifestival (2017) at Weld), all of which have invited many artists with performances, open discussions, exhibitions, film screenings, and workshops. She is the initiator and co-creator of SAND Dansstudio, a newly established artistic platform that promotes innovative practices and alternative methods within the areas of dance, choreography, performing arts and related fields.

Sebastian Lingserius - Class description:

This class departs from reassessing and reactivating release technique. Using imaginative and speculative exercises the class can be viewed rather as a passage, from waking up, into the day. By releasing tension in some body parts, while increasing it in others the class focuses on redistributing our physical (morning) condition and to challenge our habitual ways of moving. All this intermingled with basic Limón exercises, the class ends up by learning a set choreography, to enjoy the thrill of nailing movements together.


Sebastian Lingserius is a freelance choreographer and dancer based in Stockholm. In 2010, he completed his Master education in choreography at the University of Dance in Stockholm. Shortly thereafter, he started his choreographic platform KASS production.Sebastian is a choreographer that looks in the outer edges of dance. He has turned Superman inside out, given audience a calf-massage during performances, dived into the post-cyborgian and let a robots explain it’s bodily straints, dissected the philosopher Deleuze thought-body, and had a worm dance Gaga. In his work there is a strong interest in constructing psycho-somatic practices, non-straight bodies and to reclaim the language of dance. To dissect the power that governs the body's philosophy and politics.Sebastian has been active in the Swedish dance field for the past twenty years. He operates in both the intimate and the large dance formats. Works with a multitude of cutting-edge artists annually and prefers courage over predictability.

Yari Stilo - Class description:

The class will use the ballet class as a blueprint to play with polyrhythms within the body, arm coordination, and thinking through movement. We will count the music, improvise, copy each other, exercise, and use “and” instead of “but.” The imaginative dancer we will embody will be a social, sounding, and expressive dancer. Ballet will be expanded into feelings, ways of doing things, and gestural aesthetics.


Yari Stilo is a 40-year-old white cis man born on the Mediterranean coast, on the border between France and Italy. He received daily dance training from the age of 13 to 32. Thanks to his 84 auditions as a dancer/performer, he could empathize with, support, and bond with hundreds of dancers. From 2005, he danced in several European theater companies inspired by and adapted the ballet tradition. Since 2012, he has performed increasingly within contexts of experimental dance, participatory performances, choreographic installations, and performance art. In 2016, Yari arrived in Stockholm, and for seven years, he has been studying choreography and performative practices at SKH. In 2018, he was reborn as a dancer when he started tango as an amateur and follower, the role traditionally practiced by women. In 2023, Yari worked as a dance artist in Samuel Feldhandler's piece George tremble, with Weld extended company, and for Poste Restants's immersive work General Pubblic. Together with the anthropologist Ella Hillström, they taught their In/curious Dance to the BAs in dance performance at SKH. Yari is currently exploring a discursive pantomime ballet practice with Siriol Joyner.